Utilisation du carton-plume/How to use rubber cardboard/Как использовать губчатый картон (2)

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A method invented by Colette L’Hopital-Navarre (Coco)

Written by Blandine Guyot (Nouchka)


In her article Advice for beginners, Coco gives you precisions on the purchase of rubber cardboard. Now that you read Coco’s Advice, we can move forward.

Once you bought your sheet of rubber cardboard, it will be too big, you will have to cut it with a cutter to obtain a square format 40 cm on each side.

Once you cut your sheet into the correct format, you will be able to prepare it so as to use it as support for your lace beaded necklaces. How to proceed ? This is what we are going to see together.


1/ First, I collect the needed tools :

– A long rule

– A compass

– A pencil

– Sewing pins (choose them preferably with a coloured head, for a more practical use).



2/ Right in the middle of my rubber carboard I draw a straight line with my pencil and rule (here, I made it with a felt-tip, so that you can see it better on the photo).





3/ In the middle of this straight line, I draw a circle with my compass. This circle represents my neck round. Here, the a necklace of about 45 cm, I took a compas’ width of 6.4 cm. I may then draw a second circle for a bigger necklace.




4/ Here we are : my sheet of rubber cardboard is ready for use. This support will last me several years. I may now pin my motifs around the circle. I always start with the center. I pin the center of my motif exactly on the contact point between the staight line and the circle line. On this example, I show you a necklace with a unique central motif. But you saw in Coco’s lace workshop that you can construct necklaces with a much more elaborated center.



5/ Then, I pin the first motifs on the sides. It is now time for me to test if the necklace turns, with the way of linking the motifs that I chose (see article : 5 ways).





6/ The circle that I drew on my rubber carboard is an excellent mean to verify that my necklace turns : if the motifs, linked between each other, match exactly with the circle line : I won, the necklace turns ! Arm yourself with patience : for this necklace, I worked an entire day to succeed in making it turn.




7/ Now, I may pin all the motifs around my circle line. The rubber cardboard is useful for me to know exactly how many motifs I must bead, this is practical ! I leave a little space above to put the clasp.



And here we are, my necklace is finished. It is your turn now !

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